How long have you been coaching and why did you get involved?

I have been coaching now for 4 seasons. I started coaching when my daughter started playing.

What’s the most enjoyable match you’ve been involved in?

My most memorable game was my first as manager. The team had never won a game and we beat Wythenshawe Town 5-0 in a brilliant display. Also winning the cup last year was a special moment with tears on the touchline.

What’s The most enjoyable aspect of being a coach?

Most enjoyable aspect is how quickly non playing girls join the team and develop into fabulous players as they become part of the squad.

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a coach?

The most challenging part of being a coach has been ensuring players have adequate game time, whilst finding the balance between playing an already settled team with introducing newer players.

How do you go about planning and delivering your training session?

Training sessions centre around lessons from the match the previous week, but there is always passing involved so the girls gain confidence on the ball and with each other

What’s the attitude of your players in your team?

I have a great relationship with the girls and parents. They trust me and have respect for me. I think the key to this is to be approachable and be able to carry out the drills myself that I’m asking them to do.

What’s your opinion of Sale United?

Sale United has been great for me. Supportive, knowledgeable and respectful in their approach with great facilities.