How long have you been coaching and why did you get involved?

I’ve been coaching now for 3 seasons. My Stepson Aidan has been playing with Sale United since the U5’s and I joined at first just to help on the pitch due to low numbers of coaches and a very high number of players, but found myself quickly getting involved with running a team.

Whats The most enjoyable aspect of being a coach?

Simply seeing the players enjoying themselves, and having smiles on their faces. It’s great to see them happy playing football, having a good time, making new friends and getting better and better, week in, week out.

Whats the most challenging aspect of being a coach?

The organisation and admin side whilst also working a full time job. It definitely becomes a second job at times, but it’s really rewarding to see the players have a great time playing a sport they love.

Whats the most enjoyable match you’ve been involved in?

A recent cup match we had where the players all approached the match with an amazing attitude and team spirit. They all played for each other and their attacking and defensive play was by far the best I have ever seen with some incredible passing, goals and assists. They ran out 7-2 winners. I think the fact we’d just had a team party a few nights before really helped everyone form an even tighter bond and they all really support each other.

How do you go about planning and delivering your training session?

I generally try to look at things to work on from the last match we played whilst also making them as fun, enjoyable and engaging as possible.

Whats the attitude of your players in your team?

The players have a great attitude, they listen to instructions really well and always try their best which is all you can ask for.

Whats your opinion of Sale United?

Sale United is a great club, they are always brilliant with the players and really supportive and are always on hand if you need help with anything.