Sale United FC – Working towards your 3G Floodlit facilities

As you may have seen or heard recently, we are in discussions to try and secure a much-needed sports improvement to the site at Crossford Bridge, that improvement being an all-weather 3G floodlit pitch.

We have been working alongside the Council, Football Foundation, Manchester FA and Cheshire FA to ascertain the feasibility of such an amazing facility being delivered here at Crossford Bridge for the use of not only all of our ages, teams and friends but, importantly, also our wider community including primary schools and other education partners. We have also been in ongoing contact with many local residents as it is essential that this facility does not impact their quality of life. The project is now at the stage where we are all working together to bring this to fruition and although we are far from guaranteed to proceed, we are all very hopeful that we can soon secure the approvals and support that is necessary.

The facility would be placed in the far corner of the site where a current full size pitch resides that is used by Old Alts. This is situated around the corner from our main pitches and in between Sale Harriers running track and the motorway. This is the only location that it could possibly secure planning permission for because it is away from the homes bordering the site. As part of the overall project, we will be significantly improving the car parking facilities on-site, although this will not be detailed at this stage.

As part of the ongoing process Trafford Council have opened a consultation stage. This proposal is currently at stage two of three.  Stage two is an online process where they seek comments from those who are both for and against this potential improvement. It is essential that we have positive comments on the consultation as well as those who may oppose this.

I would ask you to please click on the link below and add your support to this project. I cannot stress enough how vital this 3G pitch would be to enable us to offer much improved facilities for all our children and members throughout the year.

Link –

(if you are having trouble with the link please google ‘Trafford Council Citizen space’ and search for ‘Crossford Bridge’)

Please do take 5 minutes and add your support to this. We cannot stress how important every comment will be to support our case. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Noales on the email below.

Thank you for your support.

Mark Noakes

Sale United FC Committee Member