Teams & Training

Sale United is a Community Grassroots Football club based at Crossford Bridge in Sale, Cheshire. Our membership comprises of both boys and girls in the ages 5 up to open age. We also have a Powerchair section for players with a disability who are dependent on a powered wheelchair for mobility.  Sale United see players’ development as long term. The emphasis for our youngest players is on giving them confidence with a ball at their feet. We want them to express themselves, and even to make mistakes. We encourage them to make their own decisions, rather than be told what to do by the coach.

Our youngest players will learn from a 5v5 format, giving them lots of opportunities with a ball. As they progress through the club this will increase to 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11. The development pathway at Sale revolves around the principles of enjoyment and fun, giving our players the maximum intrinsic reward possible for playing the game.

All of our coaches incorporate challenges for individuals and squads as well as pass on their knowledge of the game to allow their players to learn, practice and improve their footballing abilities.

Coaching & Training

All players are given the opportunity to train and/or play matches twice a week. In the winter months the evening training is carried out at either indoor or outdoor floodlit venues. When the winter season is over we still continue to train and/or take part in summer small sided game festivals or tournaments. At the end of each year of training we hold a presentation event for each squad where players are presented with an award in recognition of the contribution they have made to the club over the past year. There are also extra individual awards made for any outstanding achievements.

Each calendar year we recognise one of our captains, as Club ‘Captain of the Year’

Club Structure

Sale United is proud to have over 500 players  of both boys and girls in the ages 5 up to open age spread across a number teams as shown below.