We are raising funds for the much-needed enhancement of the on-site facilities, starting with raising the final £75,000 needed to secure a 3G community football facility.

This facility will be used by the sports clubs as well as by local community groups, schools, colleges, disadvantaged children,  walking football and many many more local groups.
Any help is greatly appreciated in these difficult times. Thank you so much for your help towards our target.

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Sale United FC – Working towards your 3G Floodlit facilities

As you may have seen recently via Trafford Council, we are in advanced discussions to  secure much needed sports improvement to the site at Crossford Bridge, that improvement being an all-weather 3G floodlit pitch.

We have been working alongside the Council, Football Foundation, Manchester FA and Cheshire FA for approaching two years now to ascertain the feasibility of such an amazing facility being delivered here at Crossford Bridge for the use of not only all of our ages, teams and friends but importantly also our wider community including primary schools and other education partners. I have also been in ongoing contact with many local residents as it is essential that this facility does not impact their quality of life.

The project is now at the stage where we are all working together to bring this to fruition and although we are far from guaranteed to proceed we are all feeling extremely positive  that we can soon secure the approvals and support that is needed.

The facility will be placed in the far corner of the site in between Sale Harriers and the motorway, where the pitch currently used by Old Alts is situated. This is the only location that it could possibly secure planning permission for, because it is away from the homes of our neighbours.

This is a very challenging project both in terms of the technical challenges on the site (landfill, methane gas and restricted access) but also from a financial perspective. It is to this point that I am going to ask for your support.

We have already secured approx. £1million of funding but we still need to find around a further £50,000 no small amount especially in these difficult times for us all. I am in discussion with many local businesses and also some national organisations who I am hoping will help however I am now calling upon you to help us achieve this significant milestone.

In the coming days and weeks I would welcome hearing from anyone who feel they could help in arranging some fund-raising events (auction, Gala Dinner etc) in due course however I am also looking for every single team within the Club to also get together and create ways of raising funds for us. It doesn’t matter if it is £1 or £10,000 every single penny is essential.

I call on each and every one of you to please get involved however you can – car washes, bag packing, sponsored walk/run, sleep-outs, anything at all that you can do as an individual or within your Sale United team. This project will benefit every individual within the Club both now and in years to come.

We have set up a dedicated ‘GoFundMe’ page so that all of the funds raised will go into the same ‘pot’ and we can all collectively see how we are working towards the £75,000 as time goes on. Please ensure that all funds raised, all monies collected etc are added to this page

The link is – https://www.gofundme.com/f/grassroots-sports-clubs-create-new-facilities

If you work in a company who are maybe interested in helping us in anyway then please contact me on the details at the bottom of this correspondence. I am happy to discuss opportunities for sponsorship or advertising on the new facility. Many companies now also make donations towards local community / charitable ventures so this would also help them towards their Corporate Social Responsibility targets.

Should we encounter any problems and the scheme does not get the approval then all funds raised will be spent on buying new equipment and anything else that the members of Sale United require. However, we feel very strongly that our work with the Council, residents and other partners means we have a very positive outlook on this.

So, I ask you to please get together with your team, talk about what you could do to help and please, please do everything you can to help us achieve our funding target.

Thank you for your support.

Mark Noakes
Sale United FC Committee Member
Chair, Crossford Bridge Management Association
07795 978003