1.       Safeguarding Children/Adult Policy (FA template attached for you as an example, you can fill in and date this or adapt a club version along similar lines) – ensuring that this is clearly located and accessible upon arrival at the home page of the website -perhaps a ‘Safeguarding’ tab on the top menu would be a good addition to signpost all the important areas under one drop down.

2.       Committee Contact Details: Add a minimum of an email address for the Executive Committee, even if it means creating generic mail boxes such as chairman@club/welfare@club etc if you didn’t want to put personal emails up there

3.       Club Welfare Officer: Within a newly created Safeguarding page, clearly outline the role and responsibilities of those in charge of Club Welfare; including contact details for those within the club, those of the County FA and those of the FA, perhaps linking to our page on Cheshire FA’s website; https://www.cheshirefa.com/safeguarding as this has lots of helpful information for everyone at your club.

4.       Expert Safeguarding Guidance: Within the newly created Safeguarding page, include details of links to expert guidance in relation to Safeguarding concerns such as Child net/NSPCC/Childline/CEOP

5.       Child net: https://www.childnet.com/ // Call 020 7639 6967

6.       NSPCC: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ // Call 0808 800 5000 or if U18 0800 1111

7.       Childline: https://www.childline.org.uk/ // Call 0800 1111

8.       CEOP: https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/

9.       Reporting a Safeguarding Concern: Contact us here to report any concerns

10.       Club Coaches and Assistants: Identify / provide a full list of Coaches/Team Assistants linked with the club, even if only by name – this will ensure clarity and transparency for parents/carers

11.       How to Contact us: You can get in touch with us via, office@saleunitedfc.co.uk

12.       Complaints Policy: Create or use an FA Template Complaints Policy to ensure it is clear on who an individual should report a complaint to, ensuring that there is a clear appeals process outlined too (ensuring that the person who the appeal is sent to is not involved in any appeal process) – FA template examples are here; https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/safeguarding/policy-downloads

13.   Anti-Bullying Policy: Create or use an FA Template Anti-Bullying Policy that is clearly available for reference. FA template examples are here; https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/safeguarding/policy-downloads