SUFC Communities Commission partnership

We have teamed up with the Communities Commission (cash for causes) to aid in the race to generate capital for our 3g pitch project.

This project has been ongoing for a number of years now and we are starting to see some wheels starting to turn and anything we can do to speed this process up we are looking into.

The communities commission work exclusively with large companies to offer deals at really discounted rates on things from energy provision for your home or business to internet deals and even sports betting!

Anyone taking advantage of the deals through our links, we are able to generate a small % from the commission that Communities commission make from the deal! It really is a no brainer from our point of view – the best thing is its open to anyone to take advantage of, you don’t have to be a Sale United member! – So please share with your friends, family, work colleagues and everyone that you know!
Anything we create is going to directly support our 3g pitch project!!

Please click on the facebook page to look at the offers they are currently advertising!!

For more information please click the link to their facebook page and watch their short intro video. They will be here at Crossford this upcoming weekend to speak to parents and our club community about some of the things they can offer for us to take advantage of, especially as a lot of their offers are things that a lot of us do / use anyway!

They will also be at our club presentation day on 14th July at Old Trafford – this mailer will be sent out to you all after the registration mailer at the start of May.

I look forward to everyone taking advantage of these special offers and indirectly supporting our much needed cause!!