In 2008 a parent approached the club who had two very young players at the club. The younger one had a twin brother who has a spinal atrophy condition which means that he is dependent on a wheelchair for his mobility.

The twin brother was desperate to play football, just like his twin and older siblings.

A challenge was set !

Within the space of six months Sale United formulated a ‘Powerchair Squad’ competing in the North West Powerchair League.

This project grew, with more and more wheelchair dependent players with similar conditions wanting to join in.

Within a relatively short space of time the Club began competing at National level, having to make regular journeys to Nottingham to compete, incurring a large expense for its players.

As more and more players wanted to join, Sale United soon had too many players to play at National level. The National Wheelchair Football Association (governing body) will only accept one squad from one club.

To overcome the problem Sale United formulated an agreement with the Manchester United Foundation to run a team under the name of ‘Manchester United’.

In its first season this squad maintained their position in the National League, and also won the North West Powerchair League.

Sale United remain the only grassroots club in the UK to have a Powerchair section as part its membership. Other Powerchair Clubs are stand-alone Clubs, not affiliated to a grassroots club.